Churrasco Brazilian Tiger Wood Carving Board 24 x 18 x 1.4

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Product Description

  • Measures 24" x 18" x 1-3/8"
  • Made from beautiful and authentic Brazilian hardwoods
  • Exotic Tiger wood and Angico (non-threatened species)
  • Hand made by 4th generation Brazilian craftsmen
  • Juice groove and hanging hole
  • Exclusively imported and made for

The Churrasco is the flagship cutting board in our Ipanema Collection, which features exotic, yet sustainably harvested hardwoods from Brazil. Made from a interchanging strips of muiracatiara (tiger wood) and angico (anadenanthera peregrina), the Churrasco is a bold and striking carving board. It's uniqueness is immediately apparent to anyone that handles the board due to it's surprising heft. 

Brazilian tropical woods are prized for their resilience, durability and rich, vibrant colors. The Churrasco embodies all of those traits as it is not just a design piece, but an elegant workhorse for your kitchen. The juice groove makes this board well suited for roasts and carvings (churrasco means barbeque in Portugese), while the hanging hole provides an easy method of storing away when not in use. 

Tiger wood is also referred to as zebrawood, goncalo alves, Brazilian koa or Congowood. It is often sought after for decking and luxury furniture because of its extreme resiliency against mold and rot. Angico is a wood native to Brazil and South America and its seeds are regarded to have spiritual properties and have been used in cleansing rituals for centuries.

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Tiger Wood
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