We at CuttingBoard.com have a passion for cutting boards. Like you, we cry a little when a board splits, warps or otherwise becomes unusable. Most of the manufacturers that we work with do not offer a warranty, due to abuse or negligence that can happen with cutting boards, such as putting boards in the dish washer or a lack of maintenance. We believe that our customers are generally more knowledgeable.

For this reason, CuttingBoard.com has put together our own limited warranty that we offer to all our customers. We have cobbled this warranty to help put you at ease.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Within 30 days of Purchase
Cutting boards and butcher blocks are 100% warrantied against all manufacturer defects within 30 days of purchase. A replacement board will be shipped to you for free after we arrange to have the defective board is sent back to us at our cost. 

3 Months After Purchase
Cutting boards and butcher blocks are guaranteed against splitting, cracking and warping within 3 months of purchase. You are required to show a proof of purchase of cutting board or butcher block oil within 30 days of your order with CuttingBoard.com, to show adequate maintenance was followed. A replacement board will be sent to you for free, but you must be 


Universal Warranty Exceptions

For any of the above time periods, our warranty is void should any of the following be discovered: items were put through the dishwasher, items were exposed to excessive heat or cold, items were physically modified, items were kept in excessive conditions of humidity or dryness, items were physically abused or used for purposes other than which it was intended.




i recognize that our store caters to those who have a higher appreciation of gourmet boards and blocks, b


offers a one year limited warranty on all John Boos cutting boards, butcher blocks and equipment. This warranty guarantees that your purchase will be free from factory defects for a period of one year from the time of purchase, provided that you adequately maintain and upkeep your product. 

John Boos & Co 

This warranty is offered solely through CuttingBoard.com and is not a warranty on behalf of John Boos & Co. To obtain warranty service, please email help@cuttingboard.com directly. Do not email or contact John Boos & Co as they will not be able to process your warranty.