Hinoki Cutting Board Medium 16 x 10.5 x 1

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Product Description

  • Beautiful and fragrant Japanese cypress with citrus and pine scent
  • Rich in phytoncides, a naturally occuring organic compound that is antimicrobial and suppresses mold growth
  • Protects against knife chipping and dulling due to unique wood density
  • Perfect for Shun and other Japanese knives with high hardness ratings
  • Measures 15.7" x 10.6" x 1"

An authentic hinoki cutting board made of aromatic Japanese cypress. Hinoki is a prized wood among the Japanese, often used in traditional onzens due to its strong natural resistance to mold, rot and warping. In the kitchen, hinoki performs exceptionally well, as it is soft enough to not dull or chip your expensive knives, yet hard enough to withstand chopping and kitchen prep work. A favorite cutting board among sushi chefs and knife experts.

As a soft wood, we recommend regular use of mineral oil to prevent staining and clinging odors. Hand wash with soap and water and dry immediately after use.

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Product Specifications

2.80 LBS
Made In:
Wood Type:
Japanese Cypress