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Kiso Hinoki Medium Hinoki Cutting Board 16 x 10.5 x 1

SKU: KS1000
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Product Description

  • Medium size hinoki cutting board, measuring 16" x 10.5" x 1"
  • Made in Japan and crafted from beautiful Japanese Cypress (hinoki)
  • Soft wood is gentle on knives and reduces wear on blade edge
  • Lightweight, easy to hold and clean, with pleasing aromatic scent

Part of our premium Kiso collection, this hinoki cutting board is a versatile tool for small and quick jobs. Most small cutting boards are made either with bamboo or plastic, which are not ideal cutting surfaces for hard and premium knives, as bamboo is very hard and is saturated with glue, while plastic can often end up too soft and cuting bits into food. As such, this medium sized board is just the answer when you need to use your nice pairing or slicing knives but don't want to pull out your big board.

Imported from Japan, our hinoki cutting boards are made from sustainably harvested Japanese cypress that is Forestry Stewardship Council certified. Hinoki is cherished by the Japanese for its spiritual and practical antimicrobial properties, as it has been used in the construction of temples, houses and high end furniture. The Kiso forest is famed for the quality of its lumber and has been a source of quality wood for centuries. 

As a direct importer, CuttingBoard.com is are proud to offer our Kiso collection cutting boards to our customers.

Maintenance Instructions

Traditionally, hinoki is wetted down or even dunked in water by the chef before cutting, in order to prevent staining of the wood. While this method is acceptable, CuttingBoard.com recommends regular maintenance with mineral oil, which will stay in the wood pores longer than water and require less maintenance in the long run. Board conditioner is the best product for preventing stains and covering up scar marks. Note that minor spotting and darkening on the edges of the board along the wood grain is normal and is part of the natural tree sap.

Product Specifications

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