Larch Wood Round Chef's Block 16.25 x 2.5

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18.25 x 2.5 Inches
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Product Description

Both beauty and the beast, this impressive 18-¼” x 2-½” Larch Wood Chef's Block is of unmatched attractiveness, yet tough enough to handle any kitchen jobs. One of our most stunning pieces, owners routinely tell us of the compliments this block receives while entertaining guests.

Each Larch Wood block is individually constructed from grain-matched, Eastern Canadian Larch. This careful process is done to showcase the magnificent coloring of the concentric larch rings and is also the reason that each block is unique and no two blocks are alike. A highly prized wood, Eastern Larch (also known as Tamarack), has been used by shipbuilders and native Indians alike, due to its natural resistance water, rot and bacteria.

Made only with end-grain construction, this design is not only more pleasing to the eye, but provides a superior cutting surface, as the knife edge runs between the wood fibers instead of across. End-grain design reduces knife scarring and most importantly, keeps knives from dulling.

The company of Larch Wood is based on Cape Breton island, in Nova Scotia, Canada. With over 100 years of woodworking experience, they employ a industrial 14 day kiln drying process that cures lumber under the added weight of stone slabs. This process creates a board with enhanced durability and resistance to warping. At, we also store each board in a climate controlled warehouse specifically to prolong the life of each board before shipping.

Recommended maintenance with quality mineral oil, such as Boos Mystery Oil and Clapham's Block conditioner.

  • Bottom rubber feet raise board for aesthetic appeal, grip and prevents trapped moisure
  • Sustainably harvested FSC wood from Nova Scotia
  • Durable and beautiful end-grain construction
  • Rare and unique, the only cutting board makers using Eastern Larch
  • Boards will all vary from shown pictures due to nature of individual construction

Product Specifications

11.20 LBS
Made In:
Eastern Larch
Wood Type:
2.5 Inches