St. Croix Standard Prep 11.5 x 9

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9" x 11 1/2 "
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Product Description

This St. Croix Standard Prep cutting board features a handle for easily transferring chopped vegetables and sliced meats to your stove while cooking. Its size yet lightweight material make it the ideal all-purpose board for every kitchen tasks. Also, your knives will thank you for its flat yet non-dulling surface. Normally, sanitation with cutting boards can be an issue because bacteria can reside in the groves made by cutting or in the liquids left on the cutting surface. However, St. Croix boards are highly sanitary and durable due to their non-porous surface. St. Croix Stonewood cutting boards are the best of both worlds with hygienic appeal yet enough softness to protect the knife edge.

  • Made in the USA from eco-friendly materials harvested under the North American Sustainable Forestry Standards.
  • Safe for all dishwasher settings.
  • Can withstand temperatures of up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit (do not use in oven or microwave).
  • No maintenance required.

Product Specifications

1.00 LBS
Made In:
Wood Type:
0.20 Inches

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St Croix Cutting Boards

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