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CuttingBoard.com features the web's best selection of curated cutting boards and butcher blocks. We have personally selected and chosen our products after handling and seeing each piece with our own eyes. Many of our products are sourced from independent artisans and woodworkers that only make limited runs of each product. Our expertise is in cutting boards, which is why we even formulated and produced our own line of food safe cutting board oils exclusive to us.

In addition, we also carry high quality knives and kitchen accessories that will accentuate the kitchen of any home chef. 

CuttingBoard.com is proud to source products that are certified sustainable, renewable or reclaimed. We believe in a commitment to quality and environmental stewardship, so all of the products in our store adhere to these principles. We are also a member of the Forestry Stewardship Council which helps ensure renewable and sustainable logging and harvesting of trees. Look for these following eco friendly seals on our product pages.

Eco friendly certifications


We are positive that you will find these products both beautiful, functional and most importantly, unique. Our offices are located in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia.