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Need a Custom Size Wood Board? We got this. We provide custom size pull out boards, bakery boards and under the shelf boards all at reasonable prices. Our woodworkers have access to a variety of woods and can make just about anything you need! We ship both domestic and international and have shipped all over the globe to hundreds of happy customers.

If none of our pre-made boards meets your needs, we have all the resources to make you the perfect cutting board. All you need to do is provide us with the board measurements such as long and short side, board thickness, edges, corner style, juice groove and any other special requests you may have.

You can choose from six types of wood, Teak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut and Bamboo (Amber, Blonde) as well as two types of grain Straight and Natural (Bamboo only has one grain option). See below examples of woods and the different grains.


Teak Natural Grain


Cherry Natural Grain


Walnut Natural Grain


Maple Natural Grain


Teak Straight Grain


Cherry Natural Grain


Walnut Straight Grain


Maple Straight Grain


Amber / Natural Bamboo

If you aren't looking for wood boards, we also offer a variety of other materials. We offer Custom Plastic HDPE boards for both, residential and commercial applications as well as composite material also known as Richlite. Our Plastic HDPE Boards are NSF approved and tend to be the most affordable option. Our HDPE boards are made with high quality plastic and made to last. The Richlite material can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees and will not warp or melt when it comes into contact with hot surfaces. Because of these properties, the material is ideal for grill cutting boards. Both HDPE plastic and Richlite can be purchased in sizes up to 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. 

 HDPE Plastic Colors Richlite Colors
color-hdpe.jpg richlite-colors.jpg

Other Types of Custom Boards 

Our woodworkers have the skills and are equipped with the resources to make virtually anything with the materials we hold. Your can also make pull out boards, sink covers, pizza boards, countertops and more. If you have a special project or something in mind that we may not offer on the website, give us a call and we can help you with you with a special order. See below for our categories.

Need a quote for a special event or simply get a quote? Send us an email at or fill out the form below. Whether it's designing a one-off wedding present or supplying ten thousand branded units for a retail project, we have the design and sourcing experience to make it happen.

Custom Pull Out Cutting Board, Built to Measure 



  • Can build in thickness of 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2"
  • Sturdy natural grain construction
  • North American Maple
  • Grooved finger pull out included on underside of width (see diagram above)
  • Option for Juice Groove
  • Allow 4 weeks lead time to build

Replace your built in, pull out cutting board or under the counter board with a custom sized maple cutting board. We offer custom sizing up to 33" x 33" and up to 2" thick and can build to your exact specifications. 

Maple is a great choice for a replacement cutting board for your existing pull out, as maple is naturally antimicrobial, durable and resists knife scarring. Popular with chefs, maple has been time tested for centuries and is a native wood to North America.


Custom Sink Cover Cutting Board



  • 1/2" Thick Commercial Grade Plastic (HDPE, NSF Certified)
  • Durable, Easy to Wash, Economical Cover
  • Creates Usable Space in Small Kitchens, RVs or Boats
  • Can add trash holes or cut board in half on request (please note this will add 1-2 weeks for delivery time due to CNC scheduling)
  • Usually ships in 2 to 4 days after ordering

By popular demand, our custom made sink cover cutting boards can turn your sink into an all-in-one prep station. Useful for small kitchens, a cutting board over the sink immediately provides a nice sized cutting surface instead of trying to prep meals on a tiny board or surface. In addition, having a cutting board right over the sink makes clean up as simple and efficient after food prep.

Our sink cutting boards are made from the exact same commercial grade plastic that we supply to professional kitchens and restaurants. Long lasting and safe for dishwashers, our boards are a perfect choice for your kitchen.


John Boos Ultra Premium Countertops



  • Shown In Hard Rock Maple
  • Available In A Variety Of Depths & Lengths
  • 1-1/2" Thickness (48" Wide Tops 1-3/4" Thick)
  • Standard Penetrating Oil Finish
  • Optional Varnique Finish
  • All Full Length Rails
  • Edge Grain Construction
  • Made In The USA

Boos & Co. made the very first butcher block more than a century ago - way back in 1887. Today, when people think of butcher blocks they typically think of “Boos Blocks.” If you're searching for a recognized and trusted brand name, John Boos is it. Boos & Co. makes countertops for residential, commercial and industrial applications; for kitchens and dining rooms; offices and retail stores; workbenches and manufacturing plants.