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Martha Stewart Gives a Shout Out to CuttingBoard.com

We love the durability and versatility of our custom HDPE cutting boards, and so does Martha Stewart! In a recent blog post, the famous businesswoman and tv personality shared a post about her Summer home where she has decked out her flower room with our very own composite cutting boards. Martha says "I lined the entire table with [...]

WREN Home featured in Peaches to Pearls

Wow! We'd like to celebrate our sister company WREN Home for another wonderful feature in Peaches to Pearls. WREN Home has been growing exponentially in popularity and we're so excited for their future. A big thank you to Peaches to Pearls owner Luisa for putting WREN Home on her site. Luisa is a Columbia born blogger and nutritionalist who currently lives [...]

WREN Home & The English Room

We have to announce exciting news - WREN Home is featured in The English Room's post "Things I Love Thursday" The English Room is the noted online publication from Holly Hollingsworth Phillips. Holly is a residential interior designer and owner of The English Room, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Holly's style is elegant, eclectic, and [...]

Cuttingboard.com and WREN Home

We are so excited to announce our latest member of the cuttingboard.com line-up! Meet WREN Home.WREN Home is designed to fill a gap in the market for youthful, luxury home products that are both ethically produced and financially attainable. Created for personalized and seamless entertaining, WREN offers a curated line of hand-designed monograms ranging in style [...]

​What is the Best Cheese Board for a Cheese Snob?

If visiting a cheese shop is a regular and normal occurrence in your week, then offering your curated delicacies on the best cheese board is a must. Picking the right cheese board can mean the difference between a ho-hum appetizer platter and a wow-factor party pleaser that guests won’t soon forget. That means not [...]

Why is Maple the Most Popular Wood for Cutting Boards?

The Most Popular Wood for Your Kitchen Whether you’re outfitting a professional workspace, or simply finishing off your gourmet roost at home, having a solid and reliable cutting surface is a must. Gratefully there are many options when shopping for the perfect cutting board for your kitchen.  Wood, plastic, and composite all offer their own unique advantages; the trick [...]

The Best Cutting Boards for a Thanksgiving Turkey

It's that time of season again, Thanksgiving!  A time both of joy, celebration and of course, a traditional turkey feast for friends and family. While most Thanksgiving participants simply have to show up with an appetite, the chef has a slightly more complicated role of satisfying a room full of hungry mouths, entertaining a cadre [...]

Which Cutting Boards are Best for Knives?

A chef has many tools, but one stands out above the rest: a knife. Correct that, a sharp knife. A properly honed blade makes prep work easier, results in cleaner cuts and is actually much safer to use. Contrary to popular belief, a dull knife is actually dangerous to use, because it requires much more force to get [...]

Game Day Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Hi, its Colleen from the food blog, Souffle Bombay here today with what I think is a delicious option for Game Day (or any day). Once again the Big Game is upon us! For many I think the day is more about food than football! I usually don’t even know who is playing (sad but true). My husband is [...]

How to Fix a Warped Cutting Board

Here’s a riddle: how do you make a grown chef cry? Cutting into a ripe onion you say? Nope. It’s pulling out your prized cutting board only to find out that it has warped. Whether that cutting board is a generational hand-me-down from your great-grandma Sue who proclaimed the board was made from [...]