How to Apply Easy Stick Screwless Cutting Board Feet

cutting board feet

Our "Easy Stick" cutting board feet are easy and quick to apply and provide stability and air flow underneath your cutting board to help dry. These feet are completely screwless and made with clear rubber, so that they are non-obtrusive. The glue is strong enough to wash your board once properly set, but are easily removed with a scraper if you decide you no longer want board feet.

To apply the board feet:

  1. Place cutting board face down on flat surface, with side up that you want to apply feet
  2. Remove feet from adhesive label, exposing sticky side (do not touch sticky side with fingers)
  3. Place sticky side down into corner of cutting board (recommend about 1" from edge)
  4. Repeat for all feet into each corner
  5. Turn over the cutting board and let the board rest on the feet
  6. Put a pot of water or other heavy object on the cutting board for 4 hours. This helps create a firm seal.

The last step is very important, as the glue used in on Easy Stick feet takes some time to bond with the wood. If you do not let the bond form, then the feet will not stick and are likely to fall off. 

Why use cutting board feet?

  • Absorb shock during cutting, reducing stress on hands and reducing board scarring
  • Helps prevents warping by provide air flow underneath cutting board to help with drying after washing
  • Stops slipping and sliding of board while cutting or chopping

What size feet do we recommend?

We offer a medium 3/4" wide (nickel size) and large 1" wide (quarter size) rubber feet. For boards smaller than 20", we recommend the medium size feet. For boards 20" or larger, we recommend large feet. 

For round cutting boards, we recommend large feet on boards over 17" in diameter. 

For low profile cutting boards (slate, composite) we only recommend medium feet due to the lower profile.

We do not recommend our rubber feet on plastic boards as they do not stick well and are not offered be default. We recommend our Easy Stick Rubber Rubber Cutting Board feet for plastic cutting boards.