Guest Blog: The Ultimate Holiday Charcuterie Board by The Cookin' Chicks

Guest Blog: The Ultimate Holiday Charcuterie Board by The Cookin' Chicks

Posted by Kristin from The Cookin' Chicks on 13th Dec 2023

It’s that time of year where everyone hosts family and/or friends for parties, events, and gatherings! Since the Holiday season can be a busy one with baking, wrapping presents, decorating, and hosting…I like to keep my charcuterie boards simple, yet delicious!

Whether you choose to make a hot cocoa board, load it up with Holiday sweets, meat and cheeses, or simply add some fruits and crackers…there are so many varieties that can be thrown together in no time!

Using my Montolivo Olive Wood Paddle Board fromCuttingBoard.Com, I can change up the theme, variety, and everyone always raves about how stunning the board is! Plus, with it being thick and solid, I can carry my board around and place it where needed, without worrying it will fall/break!

For my most recent board, I kept things simple and added some grapes, apple slices, cheese assortments, and crackers. People were able to grab some crackers, load it up with cheeses, and also add some sweetness with the fresh fruit. Within minutes, the board was cleared and I was refilling with different goodies!

SinceCuttingBoard.Com offers a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and more on their boards, you can pick your favorite look and have a piece that will last forever! Use it as a cutting board, charcuterie board, or even as a statement piece in your kitchen leaned against your backsplash.

I love to collect several shapes and sizes of boards and store them behind my stovetop. Not only does it add great character to my kitchen, but it keeps things quick and handy when I am ready to throw a charcuterie together!

If you want to add a festive touch, perhaps add a string of lights around your board, maybe a few Christmas decorations, or fresh cranberries throughout. You can arrange your fruits and veggies to form a Christmas tree or snowman and have fun with it!

This Holiday season, grab yourself a beautiful board fromCuttingBoard.Com or even purchase one as a gift! You’ll have a timeless piece that will serve multiple uses and be the talk of the party!

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday season!

~Kristin (