Custom Cherry Pull-Out Cutting Board - Natural Grain

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  • Custom Pull Out Cutting Board, Hand made in the USA
  • Can build in thickness of 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2"
  • Natural Grain design
  • American Cherry wood
  • Grooved finger pull out included on underside of width (see diagram above)
  • Option for Juice Groove
  • Allow 4 week lead time

Replace your built in, pull out cutting board or under the counter board with a custom sized cherry cutting board. We offer custom sizing up to 33" x 33" and up to 2" thick and can build to your exact specifications. 

Our custom boards come in two different styles. The Straight Grain option is made with 2-4 inch wide strips of edge grain wood running lengthwise (the depth measurement, see below for diagram of how the grain will run), while our Natural Grain choice is made of wider sections of mixed grain wood (4-6 inches wide) running lengthwise and has a more rustic pattern.  Our custom maple boards are clean in appearance, naturally antimicrobial long lasting and is our most popular choice for custom board material. We also offer custom made pull out boards in maplewalnutplastic and other custom woods.  Please email us if you have a particular request.

Our American cherry is a beautiful hardwood that has red and orange tones. All cherry wood used in our pull out boards are properly dried and glued together with Titebond III, a food safe, non-toxic glue. Each board clamped for 24 hours to let the glue properly dry, then the entire board surface is sanded with 180 grit sand paper, ensuring a super smooth and silky finish. The final touch is a treatment of food safe mineral oil, to season the wood and prepare the pull out board for instant use.

Plus, each of our pull out boards is routed with a finger pull out to assist with pulling out the board, so no more pinching and squeezing if your original board lacked a groove. In addition, our pull outs 1" thick or less feature what woodworkers call "breadboards", which are perpendicular ends that cap off each side of the cutting board. Breadboards add stability against warping and cupping, which is often an issue with pull out boards that stay wet and don't receive much air flow.

Note that our turnaround time for custom pull outs is 2 to 3 weeks. 

Please note that all our custom board sales are final.   Expedited shipping is only for shipping service and will not speed up production time, please contact us if you need your order to be expedited, as we do have a rush option for an additional fee. Once the order has been placed and the work begun, we are unable to cancel, refund or return orders, as they are custom-made on demand.

Measuring Instructions

If you still have the existing pull out board, we recommend that you use that for your measurements for long side, short side and thickness. We will build your board to your exact dimensions, so do not worry about tolerances if your existing pull out fits well.

If you do not have the existing pull out, here is how you should measure for your replacement:

Board Depth: Measure from the front of the cabinet (right at the overhang) to the of the back of the cabinet or wall. Subtract 1/4" (this helps hide the pullout under the overhang) and this is your board depth. (Typically this will be the long side measurement)
Depth Fraction: If your board depth is 15-3/4", then you would put 15" for board depth and 1/2" as your depth fraction.
Board Width: Measure slot from side to side, where the pull out board would fit. Subtract 1/8" from measurement, so that board can slide in an out easily and is not too tight. (Typically this will be the short side measurement)
Width Fraction: If your board width is 15-3/4", then you would put 15" for board width and 1/2" as your depth fraction.
Edging/Corners: Please see diagram below for difference between Standard and Bullnose. Standard is recommended by default. 
Juice Groove: Also known as a juice well or moat, this is a groove that is routed into top side of the board to catch liquids and prevent spilling off the side. There is an added fee for this option.



26bb7343-43c3-4c04-9642-fe6bdf7bd4de-4-5005-c.jpeg is confident you will be satisfied with your custom cutting board and offers a one year guarantee with all custom work. If your board needs repairs or fixing, we will take take care of it! Note, our warranty does not cover abuse or misuse of cutting boards, including putting them into the dishwasher.
Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
30.00 LBS
Made in:
Wood Type:
American Cherry
Natural Grain