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Custom Plastic Pull Out Cutting Board 3/4" Thick

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Product Description

  • Custom Made Plastic Pull Out Cutting Board (Standard 3/4" Thick)
  • Commercial Grade, High Density Polyethelene (HDPE), BPA Free
  • Easy to Clean, Resists Stains, Dishwasher Safe
  • Available in Nearly Any Size and Multiple Colors
  • Fast 2 to 3 Day Turnaround, Made in the USA

For a no nonsense replacement pull out cutting board, plastic is an economical and functional choice. CuttingBoard.com is a major supplier to restaurants and commercial kitchens of FDA and NSF approved plastic cutting boards and we are now offering this same material direct to your kitchen. Custom cut to your exact size, our 3/4" thick HDPE boards will fit all standard, under the counter pull out spaces.

Plastic is easily maintained and can even be removed and washed in the dishwasher as needed. A routed finger groove is included on each pull out for convenient access to the board. We also offer the option for juice groove if you want to make clean up a little easier and prevent spills. 

NOTE: Finger groove is routed on the side of the WIDTH measurement. For example, on a board that is 30" long and 22" wide, that means the 22" side will be routed with a groove.

Our turnaround time is typically 2 to 3 business days for our custom plastic boards. 

Please note:  Our custom cutting board stock may vary in color from batch to batch.

Measuring Instructions

If you still have the existing pull out board, we recommend that you use that for your measurements for long side, short side and thickness. We will build your board to your exact dimensions, so do not worry about tolerances if your existing pull out fits well.

If you do not have the existing pull out, here is how you should measure for your replacement:

Board Depth: Measure from the front of the cabinet (right at the overhang) to the of the back of the cabinet or wall. Subtract 1/4" (this helps hide the pullout under the overhang) and this is your board depth. (Typically this will be the long side measurement)
Depth Fraction: If your board depth is 15-3/4", then you would put 15" for board depth and 1/2" as your depth fraction.
Board Width: Measure slot from side to side, where the pull out board would fit. Subtract 1/8" from measurement, so that board can slide in an out easily and is not too tight. (Typically this will be the short side measurement)
Width Fraction: If your board width is 15-3/4", then you would put 15" for board width and 1/2" as your depth fraction.
Edging/Corners: Please see diagram below for difference between Standard and Bullnose. Standard is recommended by default. 
Juice Groove: Also known as a juice well or moat, this is a groove that is routed into top side of the board to catch liquids and prevent spilling off the side. There is an added fee for this option.







Product Specifications

10.00 LBS
Made in:
High Density Polyethelene
0.75 Inch