Hinoki Cutting Board Large 20 x 12 x 1

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Product Description

  • Beautiful Japanese cypress heart wood with pine scent
  • Protects against knife chipping and dulling due to unique wood density that cushions while chopping
  • Highly resistant to water and warping
  • Great for use with Shun and other Japanese knives
  • Measures 20.1" x 12" x 1"

This large hinoki cutting board is a great multi-purpose board, whether you are cutting fruits and vegetables or filleting fish. A sturdy wood prized by the Japanese for use in temple construction and onsens, hinoki is naturally rich in phytoncides, which aid in preventing bacteria and mold growth. This elemental resistance makes hinoki a perfect cutting board for the kitchen and will last for years. 

Instructions for use: Before using, wet the board first and wipe before using, to prime the board against staining and smells. After using, wash with soap and warm water and dry immediately afteward.

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Product Specifications

4.20 LBS
Made In:
Japanese Cypress
Wood Type:
1 Inch

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