Kiso Hinoki Extra Large Cutting Board 24 x 18 x 1.5

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  • Featured in Bon Appetite 2017 Gift Guide
  • Largest hinoki cutting board available on the market
  • Custom made exclusively for after customer demand
  • Features 100% authentic Japanese cypress (Hinoki) harvested from the famous Kiso and surrounding regions
  • Limited run, only a select amount in stock
  • Made to exacting Japanese standards using food safe glues

Our Kiso line of cutting boards represent our commitment to serious culinary professionals. After numerous requests from our commercial customers for an extra large hinoki cutting board, we finally have these in stock!

Custom made to our specifications, these cutting boards are crafted from the highest quality Japanese cypress available. Measuring 24" x 18" and 1-1/2" thick, our extra large hinoki cutting board is almost three times the volume of the next largest hinoki on the market. This board is made for serious chefs with premium knives that want both working space and a well honed blade at the end of the day.

Hinoki is famous for it's performance in the kitchen and held in the highest regard by Japanese chefs. As a softwood, hinoki is gentle on knives and is well suited for Japanese style knives and techniques that use slicing and cutting motions instead of a traditional rocker motion. Lightweight, hinoki is 1/3rd lighter than a comparable maple cutting board and is highly resistant to warping and bacteria growth.

Maintenance Instructions

Traditionally, hinoki is wetted down or even dunked in water by the chef before cutting, in order to prevent staining of the wood. While this method is acceptable, recommends regular maintenance with mineral oil, which will stay in the wood pores longer than water and require less maintenance in the long run. Board conditioner is the best product for preventing stains and covering up scar marks.

12.00 LBS
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1.5 Inches