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Montolivo Extra Large Italian Olive Wood Slab 32 x 12 x 0.75

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Product Description

  • Measures approximately 31.5" x 12" x 0.75" (note shape is irregular and measurements may differ)
  • Authentic Italian Olive Wood from Southern Italy
  • Hand Cut and Finished Wood Slab 
  • Hanging Hole for Display
  • Exclusively imported by CuttingBoard.com

For the host who wishes to impress, look no further than this rare and unique Italian olive wood slab. Cut from an entire cross section of a centenary olive tree, this extra large slab is a marvelous display of natural olive wood coloring and exotic grain patterns. Use this slab as the ultimate serving board for cheese, appetizers, a tapas spread or whatever your creativity can dream up.

CuttingBoard.com specifically acquired these olive slabs from Italy, as they are the largest that we have found that still have a good degree of finish. Each slab is produced from genuine Italian olive wood from the region around San Giorgio Morgeto. Hand made, each board is kiln dried, oiled and finished by expert woodworkers.

Due to the unique nature of each slab, the dimensions will vary from those listed to a certain degree and shapes and sizes may be slightly curved or straight. Some boards may feature a live edge. Please note that the board you receive may not look like the board pictured as each board is unique and individual. Please be aware that checking (small cracks along the edges or grain) is normal and to be expected, as slabs are not cutting boards in the traditional sense. Proper care must be taken for a slab and we recommend periodic maintenance with cutting board oil. We recommend avoiding water when possible on a slab to prevent warping and cupping.

Made in Italy. Imported exclusively by CuttingBoard.com

Product Specifications

9.00 LBS
Made in:
Olive Wood
Wood Type:
0.75 Inch