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  • John Boos Board

    #1: Always popular, the John Boos R02 reversible maple cutting board. Extra large with 24" x 18" surface.

  • Proteak 107 Board

    #2: Awarded "Best Cutting Board" by America's test kitchen, the Proteak Model 107 teak cutting board.

  • Olive Wood Carving Board

    #3: John Boos end grain butcher block with American maple.

  • Hinoki Cutting Board

    #4: For the knife afficionado, hinoki is regarded as the best wood to use for cutting. Exclusively imported by CuttingBoard.com.

  • John Boos Walnut Cutting Board

    #5: Exquisite American Black Walnut made by John Boos, the most famous name in cutting boards and butcher blocks.

  • John Boos RA02 Board

    #6: Premium 2-1/4" thick American Maple with side handles. Also by John Boos.

  • Cutting Board Maintenance Kit

    #7: Our exclusive all-in-one cutting board maintenance kit, with mineral oil, wood wax and applicator cloth.

  • John Boos Mystery Oil

    #8: John Boos Mystery Oil, made for butcher blocks, countertops and cutting boards.

  • Bartow Vegan Board Oil

    #9: Clapham's Beeswax is a famous name in the woodworking industry, known for their museum quality waxes and finishes.

Ultimate Mother’s Day Brunch Board


If you’ve wanted to make a brunch charcuterie board, this is the perfect occasion to make one. Mother’s Day is approaching quickly, and a big beautiful brunch spread is the ideal way to uplift mom on her day. CuttingBoard.Com engraved cutting boards are perfect for brunching and gifting, so she’ll have a fantastic gift at the end of the day. Read along for a few great recipes and gift ideas that make celebrating mom fun, easy and delicious.

Best French Toast Recipe

Tuckahoe East Asian Walnut Board

If you really want to show off for mom, throw together Bon Appetit’s Best French Toast Recipe by Dawn Perry (you won’t be disappointed). This french toast calls for thick-sliced challah or brioche soaked extra long in a sweet and creamy mixture before cooking to pack in all the flavors. This French toast is the bread pudding of breakfast foods and the most indulgent meal for mother’s day morning done right. Once you’re done, hold off on toppings and set aside for brunch charcuterie prep.

Best Oven-Cooked Bacon

The next step in your brunch charcuterie board is an absolute necessity- BACON! We’ve found the best recipe for perfect bacon from Kitchn.com that you won’t be able to mess up. This oven-baked bacon produces the ultimate smoky, salty, melt-in-your-mouth flavor, so make sure you make extra. What makes this bacon even better is its easy preparation. All you need to do is lay the bacon out on a baking sheet, throw it in the oven and set a timer - what could be better! Once your bacon is done, pull it out and set it aside for the brunch board.

Fresh Fruit Platter

Next is a delicious fruit plate for a refreshing side to go with the rest of your food and add a pop of color to your brunch charcuterie board. We love to put tons of fresh berries on our boards because of how delicious they taste with french toast, but you can switch it up to include mom’s favorite fruits.

Arranging the Brunch Board

Now, it’s finally time to create the perfect brunch board for mom and the family. We’ve used the Tuckahoe East Asian Board below, but we have endless options for other cutting boards, such as the Italian Olive Wood Board. First, lay around eight to ten slices of french toast diagonally across the board. Second, place bacon on open corners on opposite sides of the board (as seen above). Next, fill in open spaces with fresh berries (or mom’s favorite fruit), sliced or whole. Finally, sprinkle with powdered sugar and drizzle with maple syrup to taste.

Pink Lady Mimosas

Now that you’re done with your beautiful Brunch board, you can’t forget a refreshing brunch cocktail! Try out Pink Lady Mimosas for a pretty pink, fizzy drink. Serve these in personalized champagne flutes made just for mom from Carved Solutions! The combination of sweet and tangy pink lady apple juice and champagne creates a deliciously crisp flavor combination.

Now that we’ve helped you create the ultimate Mother’s Day brunch board, time to take a few pics and then dig in! If you have any questions about our products, please email us at help@cuttingboard.com.

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