Coconut Cast Iron Skillet Conditioning Oil

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  • 100% Plant based natural oils and vegan friendly
  • No use of mineral oil or petroleum by-products
  • Ideal for any cast iron pot or pan
  • Made in FDA approved facilities
  • Pair with Caron and Doucet Vegan Cutting Board Wax

For the ultimate green kitchen, we offer the Caron & Doucet's line of all natural coconut cutting board oil and cast iron oil. Made from highly refined coconut oil not readily available to consumers, this oil is a liquid at room temperate and has zero taste or odor of actual coconut. This oil is unique as it will not go rancid, unlike regular vegetable oils or refined oils. Plus, a proprietary blend of essential oils is added for a finished pine and citrus scent. 

One bottle is 8 oz (236 ml).

0.60 LBS
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