Italian Olive Wood Board with Finger Hole 12 x 6

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  • Measures 12" x 6"
  • Authentic Italian Olive Wood from Southern Italy
  • Hand Made and Each Piece is Unique
  • Use for Cheese Board or Charcuterie
  • Exclusively imported by

Made in Italy, these olive wood cutting boards are a rare and exceptionally beautiful wood. The wood color ranges from amber tones to vivid sunset hues, though what truly sets olive wood apart is the mesmerizing grain pattern and luminescence of the wood. Pictures do not capture the feeling that olive wood invokes, as there is a certain sheen to figured and burled grains that are magnificent. Each board measures approximately 12" x 6". 

Note that an olive tree is never harvested for wood, except when it is no longer producing fruit, which means that only a limited amount of Italian olive wood is produced each year. This makes the wood highly prized, as the typical cycle is anywhere from 350 to 700 years to harvest a tree.

Imported exclusively by and only limited amounts available

5.00 LBS
Made in:
Plain / Figured
Olive Wood
Wood Type:
0.75 Inch