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Kiso Hinoki Large Hinoki Cutting Board 20 x 12 x 1

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Product Description

  • Large hinoki cutting board, measuring 20" x 12" x 1"
  • Made in Japan and crafted from beautiful Japanese Cypress (hinoki)
  • Hinoki is the favored wood among knife masters, as it is soft and does not dull blades like hardwoods
  • Naturally rich in phytoncide compounds, which act as antimicrobial
  • Sustainably harvested FSC wood

The Kiso region is famed among the Japanese for having produced the most desirable hinoki for centuries. Even the Horyuji Temple, said to be 1,300 years old, is made from kiso hinoki. The wood is excellent in humid environments and contains natural organic compounds that inhibit bacteria and fungus, which is why hinoki is often used to craft traditional soaking tubs and bath furniture. 

Hinoki has become extremely popular with gourmands and chefs with premium knives, as the wood is one of the best surfaces for stiffer blades. Unlike harder domestic woods like maple, cherry and walnut, hinoki is a softwood that has a sturdy structure, which gives it the benefits of a solid cutting surface but will give while cutting. This preserves the blade edge from dulling and requires much less sending of knives away for professional sharpening.

Maintenance Instructions

Traditionally, hinoki is wetted down or even dunked in water by the chef before cutting, in order to prevent staining of the wood. While this method is acceptable, CuttingBoard.com recommends regular maintenance with mineral oil, which will stay in the wood pores longer than water and require less maintenance in the long run. Board conditioner is the best product for preventing stains and covering up scar marks. Note that minor spotting and darkening on the edges of the board along the wood grain is normal and is part of the natural tree sap.

Product Specifications

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