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Larch Wood End Grain Butcher Block 18 x 18 x 3

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Product Description

  • Measures 18" x 18" x 3"
  • Limited Run, Artisan End Grain Butcher Block
  • Unique, Hand Matched Larch Wood Grain Pattern
  • Made in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Exclusively on CuttingBoard.com

Larch Wood of Canada is one of our favorite small batch cutting board makers. Each board is individually made by hand in their wood shop in Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia. 

We specifically asked Larch Wood to make a butcher block larger than all of their other sizes and they were happy to craft a limited run just for us!  So for a limited time, we are selling these magnificent end grain blocks that are a wonderful showcase of the pattern matched grain of Canadian larch (also known as tamarack). This is a rare wood that only grows in Northern cold climates and is not often seen elsewhere.

End grain construction has the benefits of being gentler on knives and longer lasting, as knives are cutting against the wood grain vs across the grain. This makes Larch Wood boards "self-healing" as it is much harder for knives to scar the wood. Plus, the company kiln dries lumber for two weeks under heavy slabs to ensure moisture is wicked out of the wood to prevent warping.

Limited run and only a few left in stock.


Product Specifications

22.00 LBS
Made in:
3 Inch