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The Big Kahuna Bamboo Board 24 x 18 x 3

SKU: TB20-3100
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Product Description

  • Measures 24" x 18" x 3" with feet
  • Extra large board, our largest bamboo size available!
  • Impressive 10 layer bamboo construction for super durability
  • Attached feet keeps bottom of board dry for easy washing and clean up
  • Made from food safe, formaldehyde free glue

There are "large" cutting boards and then there is The Big Kahuna. This bamboo board is an amazing kitchen piece that is both art and functional tool. Even at CuttingBoard.com, we were taken aback at the size of this particular board, but we knew that we immediately had to have it! In a day and age where disposable cutting boards are popular, The Big Kahuna makes a statement that cutting boards are meant to look good and make themselves known on the countertop.

Constructed from ten layers of mosu bamboo, not only is the Kahuna pretty, but it is a solid block of the highest quality bamboo available. Not only would we feel safe carving a turkey or butchering game on this cutting board, we would probably feel safe splitting wood on the Kahuna. Did we say it's a big and sturdy board?  It really is. 

Bamboo has a great reputation for being easy to maintain and highly durable. If you enjoy showcasing your cutting board, but enjoy a simple clean-up when you are finished, then the Kahuna is calling for you!

Clean with soap and water. Do not use in dishwasher. 


Product Specifications

20.00 LBS
Made in:
Wood Type:
3 Inch