Larch Wood Beeswax Mineral Oil Cutting Board Conditioner

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Note: We have in stock the same product, Clapham's Beeswax and Board Conditioner, just under a different name!

Maintain your Larch Wood cutting board with this board conditioner. Produced in Canada by the famous Clapham's Beeswax, this food safe conditioner is a passed-down family recipe that includes beeswax, carnauba wax and mineral oil. This formula has a mild fragrance and will provide a lustre and shine on your board that will help protect it from water and staining. Easily to apply and can use board immediately after application.

Claphams is based in British Columbia, Canada, and its roots as a family-run beekeepers go back over 40 years. Their products are now sold to specialty retailers in England, Japan, Canada and the US.

Sold in 45g tin container.

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