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  • Larch Wood 14.5" Round Cutting Board
  • Larch Wood Round Cutting Board 14.5 x 1.6 Lifestyle
  • Larch Wood Round Cutting Board 14.5 x 1.6 Lifestyle
  • Bottom feet to prevent sliding
  • Larch Wood 14.5" Round Cutting Board Grain Closeup

Larch Wood Round Cutting Board 14.5 x 1.6

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14.5" x 1.63"
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Product Description

This 14.5" x 1.63" Larch Wood Round Cutting Board is as unique as it is beautiful. 

Made from sustainably harvested Eastern Canadian larch – a type of timber found in cool climates in the Northern United States and throughout Canada - Each piece is individually hand crafted by woodworkers in the small community of Capre Breton, Nova Scotia. Eastern Larch, more commonly known as tamarack, a word derived from Algonquin word meaning “wood used for snowshoes”, is prized for being durable, waterproof, and bacteria resistant. Traditionally this timber is used for exterior applications like decking and boat building, but we think you will agree that its time for it to come inside so its beauty can be enjoyed year round.

As a softwood, we highly recommend regular maintenance with a mineral oil such as Boos Mystery Oil and Clapham's Block conditioner.

  • Hand made by Larch Wood in Cape Breton, Canada using Eastern Canadian Larch
  • Kiln dried for two weeks, then stored in climate controlled facility
  • Rubber feet prevent sliding and trapping of moisture beneath board
  • Sustainably harvested FSC wood
  • Over 100 years of woodworking experience
  • Boards will all vary from shown pictures due to nature of individual construction

Product Specifications

6.40 LBS
Made In:
Eastern Larch
Wood Type:
1.63 Inches